Finance Professional Hub (FPH) is a project of the CFO Association of Serbia, established with the aim to connect finance professionals, encourage their professional development and exchange of experiences and education.

In addition, FPH promotes the participation of members in forums, conferences, publishes texts on issues related to financial profession, but also continuously invests in networking. It devotes special attention to the development of the economic environment with the aim to contribute to the financial profession and business community.

Hub activities include next:

  • Education
  • Exchanging of the best business practice
  • Collection and processing of scientific and professional literature in the field of finance and economy
  • Development of expertise in the field of finance and economy

In order to achieve its goals FPH cooperates with universities, Chambers of Commerce and other associations, as well as with other institutions of importance.


Development of financial professionals


We improve the work of financial professionals (with knowledge and experience).


Responsibility, Quality, Trust


Tax consulting

Mobility partner

Business consulting