We are pleased to inform you that Finance Professionals Hub has established cooperation with Crowe RS in the field of Tax Advisory. 

Crowe RS will support FPH in implementing tax advisory initiatives as well as organizing  educative workshops and lectures and enhancing cooperation with relevant institutions, including the following:

Provision of tax advisory services in various fields in the form of tax planning and tax optimisation (financing opportunities, capital investments..);

Preparation / control of tax returns (corporate tax, VAT, property taxes, personal income tax…);

Support for foreign investors in the domestic market;

Foreign exchange operations and financing of companies;

Assistance in establishing procedures in the field of taxation in order to comply with legal norms (control of relevant documentation and tax filings, minimizing exposure to tax risks in business);

Analysis and development of transfer pricing;

Optimization from the angle of the personal income tax and taxation services of foreign nationals;

Administrative assistance in obtaining work permits in Serbia;

Tax-administrative procedures.