“Finance Professionals Hub” is a project that gathers financial professionals, and is  implemented  by the CFO Association of Serbia. First lecture on the topic: „Development and reorganization of the role and structure of the function of finance – global trends” was held on March 26 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

During the lecture, Lana Vuković, CFO, DXC Technology (HP) and Lidija Barjaktarović, Professor, Singidunum University have shared the examples from the practice of multinational companies with their members and introduced them to new trends and changes expected by those who are developing their career in the field of finance.

Development of the function of finance, from traditional to digital model, has been specially addressed, and its role in each of the four industrial revolutions with a special emphasis on changes in the ways of business that arose due to ubiquitous digitization.

With the conclusion that the economy should be the  key initiator of the creation of appropriate programs at faculties, as it points out what specific knowledge and skills are necessary for the work at the market, the importance and the need for cooperation of the economy with the University is emphasized.

We thank lecturers and participants in productive discussion.

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