At the mentoring session, members of the FPH had the opportunity to get acquainted with the career path of  mentors and get answers to some of the dilemmas regarding their professional development. 

Members of the CFO Association of Serbia, Ivana Milić, Senior Finance Consultant Sonja Mijović, Finance and Administration Manager, Ricther Gedeon, Miloš Đukanović, Head of Finance, Henkel and Srdjan Ćirović, CFO, United Media Group, took a role of mentors.

In the first part of the discussion, mentors had shared how they started their careers and pointed out that it is important to work on daily basis, be proactive and use opportunities when they point out.

In addition to motivational messages, participants of the meeting had the opportunity to find out what are the relevant financial certificates and how they contribute to the labour market, why it is necessary for the CFO and CEO to be partners in business processes, and which skills one CFO will have to possesses in the future due to the fourth industrial revolution and the change in the function of finance.

In addition to advice related to training and specific business, mentors also shared their experience in team work, they agreed on that interpersonal relationships can be demanding, but also that is necessary to remain professional in every situation.

We would like to thank our members, but above all members of the CFO Association of Serbia who took part in the first mentoring discussion of FPH and supported young and innovative financial professionals with educational and inspirational advice.

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